Tuesday, 28 August 2012

3 Reasons Why You Should Write Longer Blog Posts

                Hello fellow readers. I just found a new way of writing 2000 words article the effective way. The main problem of writing such long words article is that you need a lot of time to complete such task. I also found it difficult to obtain such luxury to write long post. You may wonder what you will you get for long article. Some people prefer short, frequent blog post. Previously, i also taught the same but since there are a lot of competition out there, i changed my strategy to posting longer blog posts. This article is quite unique since i wrote it during my free time and it usually means i have a lot more to say rather than sitting on my laptop for 2 hours saying to myself "i need to write 100 words in 30 minutes". Actually the difference between this blog post and others is just i typed this on my android phone :p. No particular secret at all. But since i am quite a lazy one, plus always wasting time with games on android that i have been hating them for the past few weeks, i decided to turn my phone for a better use. I can keep writing long post from now on. Besides long post article provides better google seo, uniqueness and so on. Just write your own!! If you still thinking to write like a robot or writing machine for google just for the sake of search engine ranking, you just like an old blogger that never learns.  

                Search engines are much better nowadays. But one thing before i forget, write your blog post using casual language. It is not about submitting your well-structured long blog posts to search engines, but it is all about how well-structured your articles that caused search engines  to find your blog posts. If you can understand such meaningful phrase of mine. When using casual language, it is quite bad for seo but when people reading your article, they will find your sincerity and more interested to read until the bottom of the page.
                What does your blog provides that the other top blogs do not? Keep asking this question if you want to be successful in writing. The key is to twist their ideas and make it yours. Although you can make similar posts but blend your ideas as well. Just bear in mind that some top blogs receive heavy traffic from a few posts, not all of their writings! They also claim that some blog posts receive traffic for 2 years or more. How lucky of them but they did it the right way. Stop questioning whether short, frequent blog post is better than long blog post or not. It is all depends on how you write and attract your visitors. As for me, the longer the better.
                Ever wonder how posts with high search engine ranking keep their positions? Basically, there are backed up by alexa statistics. Simple words to describe alexa ranking is it detects human traffic, not bot or scam traffic, and calculated the score for each sites. This means, high ranked pages will forever receive massive human traffics and always ranked high, meanwhile lame blogs will become harder to strive for the top. It is just the same as capitalist system, the rich will become richer. In internet marketing, top blogs will become very easy to get traffic and it will seem to be impossible to destroy their popularity in search engines.
                Besides writing long post, posting trending topics is also a good practice when it comes to compete with top blogs. Since they dominate timeless topics, you may earn small traffic from current trending topics.


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