Monday, 1 January 2018

2 Tahun Pengalaman sebagai Pemandu Uber | Memang Berbaloi!

Ok. Untuk post kali ini aku nak berbual sikit mengenai pengalaman aku selama 2 tahun bawak uber.

Aku mula dari dulu masa uber belum lagi popular. Zaman teksi jelous tengok uber ambil penumpang hehe. Masa tu kene ambil orang cover2 line.

Time tu uber offer penyewa2 kereta sewa sekitar Johor Bahru ni untuk ready kalau ada request daripada penumpang.

Secara ringkasnya, memang berbaloi sangat buat uber. Kalau korang ada kereta sendiri tak lebih 7 tahun boleh la daftar sebagai pemandu uber di sini ya..

Tips-tips penting kalau nak dapat buat uber cara pro. Kalau nak rasa duit poket penuh tetiba je. BUAT WAKTU PEAK HOUR. Terutamanya pagi orang pergi kerja balik kerja.

Petang tu peak hour selalu start lepas jam 5. Dan peak hour best ialah Maghrib. Kalau macam kami di JB ni untung jugak kalau start jam 5 pagi sebab ada ramai orang request nak pergi JB sentral untuk masuk singapore. Dan ramai jugak dari JB sentral nak balik rumah sebab kerja shift malam.

Mula-mula korang kena plan nak buat uber berapa jam..Kalau niat nak hantar 2 3 trip lepas tu balik memang la rugi sikit.
Daripada sehari 1 jam selama 7 hari lebih baik korang wat sehari selama 7 jam lagu masyuk hehe.

Sebab korang jimat minyak kalau macamtu. Lepastu jimat masa sebab paling leceh uber ni ialah bila kita nak balik kekadang kt jb ni rumah kt skudai tapi last trip dekat pasir gudang.

Hambik 40km nak balik. So best practice ialah korang keluar rumah 6 atau 7 pagi dan balik rumah dalam 12 tengahari tu korang dah boleh dapat rm100 bersih ok.

Part time pun dah boleh cecah macam tu. Setakat ni aku buat pagi 7 pagi hingga 10 ke 11 pagi je. Dan weekend aku lenjan 10 pagi sampai 4 petang sikit-sikit je. Pun dah boleh dapat dalam rm1500 sebulan.

Kalau full time aku pernah dengar dari rakan boleh cecah rm4000 tapi ingat..Dia start dari 7 pagi sampai tengahari. Lepastu sambung petang dan Lepas isyak. 3 kali balik rumah.

Kalau korang nak tanya apa-apa boleh komen kat bawah. Nanti aku akan update lagi info-info menarik pasal uber ni ok :)

Jom mulakan carier anda sebagai pemandu uber part time atau full time..mudah saja

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

My collegue Schlumberger 2nd Interview experiences (Leaked)

What to expect when you pass schlumberger first interview? Maybe your confidence is higher at the moment. From what I have heard, the second interview will be more on problem solving and analytical thinking. It can be a group project that includes a stack of paper. Then, you need to build a firm platform that can withstand certain amount of load. From that, you will be tested your imagination on making the best design platform from scrap papers.

Go make yourself busy by surfing youtube on how to make a good platform from paper. In general, bigger base, the heavier the base, the stronger the structure can hold. Astro even have a documentary on this.

But don't get too carried away thinking that analytical skills are the only thing that they look for. You need to prepare yourself with the ability to dommunicate, interact and cooperate with your team members. Make sure you shine during the team discussion but not too overshine leaving no space to your team mate. But one thing is clear, passiveness is not an option. Speak out as many ideas as you can, and if you have some opportunity to help your team members, help them or even guide them. That will be a good mark for you.

If you pass that schlumberger second interview, don't be too confident that you might get the job, 3rd and 4th stage interviews are waiting for you. But from what I've heard, the second interview is mainly about reasoning, arguing and communication skills. So focus on that. If your team loses during the project, it is not the end of the world. If you shine well in your interpersonal and teamworking skills, there is still hope for you.

One thing to bear in mind, if you are selected as team members, take it and don't reject it. It will be a big plus if your team wins. Good luck and have fun during the interview :)

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How to give a good first impression for oil and gas interview in Malaysia

Hey guys, today I am going to show you one simple interview trick that can boost the confidence of interviewers to select you as their shortlisted candidates. This trick is actually pretty simple but I rarely found it being informed by many bloggers or even university lecturers when asking for interview tips. You may apply this tips if you are going for an interview in oil and gas industry especially in Malaysia.

Ok, let's jump right to it. The trick is you need to show that you are very keen to learn new things in the company. This behavior might be one of the most important aspect that interviewer will look when selecting job interviewees. If you show them the correct facial expression and high level of curiosity to work in the company, they will know that you are well suited to learn new things and your other good attribute as an employee might be shined during the interview session. Even if you are a fresh graduate looking for a job in oil and gas in Malaysia, this tips will work well although you need to develop one important behavior during your university degree which will be explained next.

How to show your keen to learn new things habit during the interview? First off, make sure you develop a love to knowledge habit even during your free time. By slowly developing this attitude, you will gradually become a person who knows many things in life thus without you realize, you will have deep knowledge on vast area of knowledge. It is important to know more about the outside world than just your specific degree university studies.

Here are just some information that i can share with you guys. If you want to know more tips from me, just keep visiting this blog or subscribe to it.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

How to Pass Schlumberger Interview - Questions, Tips and Tricks.

Have you ever been to oil and gas interview, especially malaysian? I bet that my websites visitors are those looking for schlumberger interview tips and experience instead of those who are looking for how to get an interview with schlumbeger. Here, i prepared some info regarding the interview since i also have little experience on the event. My previous post on weatherford interview ranked quite well in google, so it encourages me to write more on oil and gas interview to provide a glimpse of what you will face during the interview session and prepare your best for the moment.

Actually i have never been to schlumberger interview before, but i have been in the same session of the interview with schlumberger. This happen way back on 2011 when i just finish my first degree. I was invited for an interview in weatherford but the interview session happened to be at the same place and time as the schlumberger interview. The venue is at crown plaza mutiara hotel in Kuala Lumpur on 8 am. The weatherford interview session was not totally the same as schlumberger interview, but both of them might be somehow similar to each other. As you all know, oil and gas interviews are in a few stages. This post is about  the first stage of the interview. During my interview session, i had lunch at the same place as the schlumberger interviewees. So here isa quick review on what  activities schlumberger interview might conduct.

There will be a talk from experienced offshore engineers, group activities,group presentation, session with the human resources, one on one interview session with senior engineers and etc.The interview session took one whole day so that far away interviewees will be satisfied with the interview. I met graduate even from sabah sarawak who were able to come for a chance of joining weatherford.

What i have gone through during the group activities session with weatherford is  tower construction from straws and tape. Team with the highest tower wins. So you need to consider the strength, structure and durability of the towers in order to do the task. But dont underestimate the other interviewees. During the competetition, most of the groups able to construct the tower until it reaches ceiling. Besides, the real objective of the activity is to show your teamworking ability. They will observe your behavior and attitude as well as how you contribute in the discussion in solving problems, in this case tower construction. Make sure you able to show that you can help your team members professionally.

The talk with the engineers is quite interesting. You learn a lot of great stories from those who have been in the field for around 20 years and already successful in the area of engineering. I think the reason for the talk is  to make you more interested in the company. I heard a lot about good things weatherford has to offer to his employee. In short, they provide good career path. You may chose wether to work off or on shore asan employee. I do not know wether it is just a bluff or not since oil and agas companies tend to put freshies offshore to gain experience for their first couple of years.  For worst case scenario, you will be stranded offshore until your fourties.

During the group presentation, those who can present confidently with good english  literacy have higher chances to be chosen. Usually you must be fluent in english  to perform well. Make sure you prepare for that.Another aspect is the session with human resources. Be gentle and make friends with them to make sure they know you. Ask them questions so that they will remember your face. Dont feel shy to ask questions with them. Ask as many as you can to show that you are really interested in joining the company and dont have any second thought if chosen.

The final session and by far the most important of them all is the one on one interview with senior engineer from the company. Most of the questions that they asked me usually related to my attitude wether i am a tough person or not.

In conclusion, you need to know some tips and tricks to ensure your success with schlumberger interview. Feel free to share your comment and experience here if you are already selected and help people find my blog from the search engine. Good luck with you rinterview.

Friday, 26 October 2012

5 Blogging Secrets for Continuous Traffic Posts

I named this post as 5 blogging secrets for continuous traffic for a couple of reasons. I keep on finding same lame blogging secrets on the web that are not really helpful and i am quite sure most newbies will come through those tips several times even during their first day in blogging. What are those lame secrets? Build traffic using seo and etc. that i have found on multiple sites. But i cannot assure you that my tips are the best and can guarantee you success, but i am pretty sure they are  just worth your while reading them.

1. Write longer posts
I can say that this is one of the most important tips that i can advise you with to have continuous traffic. Longer articles are stressfull to produce and give you very good outcome in the future. In 2 years time or more, your short articles will be lost and blend in with articles from other bloggers. Means, people can hardly find your short articles on google in the future. I have read somewhere on the web that most of the traffics of top blogs come from posts a few years back and they still provide good daily traffic, around 10 to 20 daily visitors. Invest your time on longer articles rather than short ones. Besides, longer articles are precious in the eyes of search engines and have higher tendencies to be ranked high in search results.

2. Keep on posting.
I must say that I spent more time writing articles than promoting like other bloggers did for their daily routine. I just believe that creating powerful and useful content is much more important than generating traffic by posting on other blogs, backlinking and so on. Besides, i enjoy writing blog post than commenting on other people blogs. I learnt a lot in the past few months that if we have around 10 good, unique, killer and quite long articles can bring much more continuous traffic from organic search which will contribute to 70% of adsense clicks (if you do adsense) according to many pro bloggers out there. 2000 words article is enough to declare it as long and you can start writing it now! Make a better use of the technology (write using your droid during your free time! that is how I write long blog posts)

3. Catchy blog title.
When you focus on writing as your strategy, you will need a good and somewhat catchy blog title to assist your posts receiving massive traffic. How many of you think that you will click on your own blog title before reading its contents. Remember that your visitors wont read your content unless they are curious about the contents. Catchy blog title is a powerful tool. Lets say your common blog title is "How to get adsense traffic easily". I will use

"3 easy steps to get 1000 visitors daily"
"10 steps you must do..."
"How i make $50 per hour using...."

Remember to use numbers in your blog titles to make it interesting and build your readers curiosity to read more from you.

4. Blend two or more niches and keywords
Besides, blend two or more niches is also wise. As for this post, those niches are "blogging secrets" and "continuous traffic". You will have less competition as well as chances that your post will appear in both niches. You can also attract your readers and the ideas will usually be fresh. Use your own creativity.

5. Write to help
Show your readers that you want to help them, solve their problem, guide them etc. People will crave to read more from you. Make you blog posts worth their while. Put a lot of good information and advise. Guide them sincerely. Write as if you are writing to your own grandchildren for the next 20 years (if you are writing about self improvement etc.). Address them as 'you'. Share your own experience.

Those blogging secrets for continuous traffic posts take a while to show some results. It may take 2 years or more. But those secrets will bring you satisfaction in blogging and make blogging more enjoyable. Try to write 100 articles using my blogging secrets. I can assure you that you will receive 100 or more continuous daily traffic from search engines in 2 years time.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

3 Reasons Why You Should Write Longer Blog Posts

                Hello fellow readers. I just found a new way of writing 2000 words article the effective way. The main problem of writing such long words article is that you need a lot of time to complete such task. I also found it difficult to obtain such luxury to write long post. You may wonder what you will you get for long article. Some people prefer short, frequent blog post. Previously, i also taught the same but since there are a lot of competition out there, i changed my strategy to posting longer blog posts. This article is quite unique since i wrote it during my free time and it usually means i have a lot more to say rather than sitting on my laptop for 2 hours saying to myself "i need to write 100 words in 30 minutes". Actually the difference between this blog post and others is just i typed this on my android phone :p. No particular secret at all. But since i am quite a lazy one, plus always wasting time with games on android that i have been hating them for the past few weeks, i decided to turn my phone for a better use. I can keep writing long post from now on. Besides long post article provides better google seo, uniqueness and so on. Just write your own!! If you still thinking to write like a robot or writing machine for google just for the sake of search engine ranking, you just like an old blogger that never learns.  

                Search engines are much better nowadays. But one thing before i forget, write your blog post using casual language. It is not about submitting your well-structured long blog posts to search engines, but it is all about how well-structured your articles that caused search engines  to find your blog posts. If you can understand such meaningful phrase of mine. When using casual language, it is quite bad for seo but when people reading your article, they will find your sincerity and more interested to read until the bottom of the page.
                What does your blog provides that the other top blogs do not? Keep asking this question if you want to be successful in writing. The key is to twist their ideas and make it yours. Although you can make similar posts but blend your ideas as well. Just bear in mind that some top blogs receive heavy traffic from a few posts, not all of their writings! They also claim that some blog posts receive traffic for 2 years or more. How lucky of them but they did it the right way. Stop questioning whether short, frequent blog post is better than long blog post or not. It is all depends on how you write and attract your visitors. As for me, the longer the better.
                Ever wonder how posts with high search engine ranking keep their positions? Basically, there are backed up by alexa statistics. Simple words to describe alexa ranking is it detects human traffic, not bot or scam traffic, and calculated the score for each sites. This means, high ranked pages will forever receive massive human traffics and always ranked high, meanwhile lame blogs will become harder to strive for the top. It is just the same as capitalist system, the rich will become richer. In internet marketing, top blogs will become very easy to get traffic and it will seem to be impossible to destroy their popularity in search engines.
                Besides writing long post, posting trending topics is also a good practice when it comes to compete with top blogs. Since they dominate timeless topics, you may earn small traffic from current trending topics.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

700$ for First Month with Adsense

Actually, the income cash are not mine. I found them on forums and I quoted because I thought it would be interesting to share with the readers. For me, its just too hard for this bog to earn some hundred dollars for first month with adsense.

I envy them as I could not earn that much for the first month. However, most of them already have high traffic website and it is the key to success in Google Adsense. They just need to optimize the ads by maintaining the clickthrough ratio. For blogs such as this, I need to keep promoting url and generate backlinks to see the results. But its a hard work in adsense. Those who said 'easy earning with adsense' are lying to you. Of course there are a few untold ways that can make you money with this program that I have not yet found the real proven blackhat way for Adsense. If I found it elsewhere on the internet, I will surely share them with you guys. Keep visiting for more cool stuffs from me.

" It was awfully late at night when I posted that. Let me give you a better overview of how I do it.

I build out 4000 words for a main article and 1000-1500 for 4-7 more articles. I plan my entire site out before I launch and make the 20 articles total. I use a silo structure. I use CTR theme. I have 5 unique articles for web 2.0s made and spun. I also have 2 press releases written. I buy a aged domain from go daddy auctions. I buy the domain for my page. Usually Keyword with something short added like Now or Here or Best. I then set up the page with the
first 5 articles and add 2-3 a week. I 301 the aged domain to my new one. I start with some press releases and social bookmarks, set up RSS Feeds. Do a couple paid press releases and set up 5-10 web 2.0s. I blast those 2.0s with xrumer and scrape box. So I use a launch method with my sites in a sense. I then continue to build links on a regular basis. anyways, hope that helps some people out. like I said it was late when I posted that. I read it today and thought to myself wow I sounded like an ass.

btw, $700 is awesome for your
first go man, GL and keep up the hard work and you can make much more."

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Offshore in Malaysia | pictures

Hello everyone, today's post is about working offshore in Malaysia. I am just sharing my colleague photos who is now working in the oil and gas industry. So, have a look on a bit of pictures about working offshore in malaysia.

Pictures below show a glimpse of what you will see while working offshore in malaysia. I took the pics from one of my colleagues who currently working with Petra Energy and has been working on platform for a few times. He worked on Platform BOP-A dgb BODP-A at Bokor as a trainee. When you apply to work offshore, there will be no chance for a fresh graduate to directly apply as a mechanical engineer etc. You will be ordered to work as a technician as you have no experience in the oil and gas field. Your knowledge in engineering that you learned in university level is not the same and only a few of them can be practiced on the platform. It is all about your experience when it comes to the oil and gas industry.

Platform BOP-A dgb BODP-A at Bokor, Terengganu, Malaysia.

 As you all know, they uses boat or helicopter to go to the platform.
It looks quite peaceful when looking at sun setting in the sky from the vast sea. I envy him to have that kind of wonderful experience.
My friend is on the right. Hopefully, you will be inspired to work offshore when looking at these pictures. One of my friends who worked with Baker Hughes for about one year has already resigned. The working experience is good and interesting but he resigned just because he do not prefer to travel overseas. He was offered to work in Papua New Guinea and rejected the offer. That's all I want to share for today about offshore in Malaysia.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

How To Get High Quality Backlinks with SEO Quake

Are you looking for tips on how to get quality backlinks for your websites? Bear in mind that generating backlinks for websites also gives passive traffic for the long term. According to 2createawebsite most of the traffic sources come from posts a few years back. Maybe after 2 years, the posts still provide the website with constant traffic from google. If a post provide 10 daily hits for the next 2 years, just imagine you have 100 posts that generate traffic like that. They will surely give your sites around 1000 daily pageviews easily. And if you can generate income from those visitors, for example $5 per 1000 views from adsense, just multiple it.

This blog is 2-3 months old but already ranked with page rank 2. Here are some tips that I have been doing to improve the page rank. So how you can get high quality backlinks that can improve your page rank.
  1. First you need to download seoquake, a Firefox toolbar that allows page rank to be displayed in google search result.
  2. Than insert keywords like this  : ("your niche" "post a comment")
  3. Scroll down for pages with page rank 2 or higher.
  4. Post a number of comments on those sites. For higher page rank sites it is advisable to post a number of urls on a single website.
  5. You may also post comments on websites with lower page rank but keep the number small. I highly recommend you to link only a url but at multiple sites for lower page rank sites.
And that's it.

Monday, 28 November 2011

My Online Income

Hey guys, as i searched with google keyword tools, I found keywords which has quite high monthly searches (approximately 5400 global monthly searches) with relatively low competition. That keywords is none other than this post title which is "My Online Income". Actually, most of the searches are about a money system called my online income which I assumed to be a scam as I scrolled down the first page of google. So I decided to drive more traffic with this keywords. 

This post will be focusing on my online income with adsense. If you are looking for the scammed money system described above, you better look for other websites that is much more related. A few months back, I have been posting about my adsense income which receives quite amount of traffics but they did not come from organic searches. It came from my forum signature in Wangcyber. About a few days ago, I posted about my adsense income in october and the post also receives decent amount of traffic. Focusing on the keywords is not a bad idea..hehe. If I aim for the first page of google, I estimate to get about 1000 organic/free traffic from google for keywords "my online income" and I don't need to keep promoting my blog every single day.

As I mentioned in my earlier post about what I have learned since I started this blog, I need to write a long post for this kind of title. After that, I need 3-4 posts related to this niche on this blog. And last but not least, I need some backlinks which I will explain to you later on. This 3 simple tips are the secret of most SEO companies who claimed that they can increase the search engine ranking position (SERP) of your website for keywords that you want to target. In this blog, there will be no secret between us all as I will share everything clearly.

About the backlinks, I will show you the techniques that I have been using to get easy high page rank backlinks which I will discuss in the next post. I just want to make the posts on this blog a bit longer so  that I can even gain traffic from keywords or phrases that are not expected. That is what many top webmasters have been doing to get easy traffic from google. I will be posting more on my online earnings with adsense every months to show the effectiveness of techniques that I learned from day to day.


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