Sunday, 4 December 2011

Offshore in Malaysia | pictures

Hello everyone, today's post is about working offshore in Malaysia. I am just sharing my colleague photos who is now working in the oil and gas industry. So, have a look on a bit of pictures about working offshore in malaysia.

Pictures below show a glimpse of what you will see while working offshore in malaysia. I took the pics from one of my colleagues who currently working with Petra Energy and has been working on platform for a few times. He worked on Platform BOP-A dgb BODP-A at Bokor as a trainee. When you apply to work offshore, there will be no chance for a fresh graduate to directly apply as a mechanical engineer etc. You will be ordered to work as a technician as you have no experience in the oil and gas field. Your knowledge in engineering that you learned in university level is not the same and only a few of them can be practiced on the platform. It is all about your experience when it comes to the oil and gas industry.

Platform BOP-A dgb BODP-A at Bokor, Terengganu, Malaysia.

 As you all know, they uses boat or helicopter to go to the platform.
It looks quite peaceful when looking at sun setting in the sky from the vast sea. I envy him to have that kind of wonderful experience.
My friend is on the right. Hopefully, you will be inspired to work offshore when looking at these pictures. One of my friends who worked with Baker Hughes for about one year has already resigned. The working experience is good and interesting but he resigned just because he do not prefer to travel overseas. He was offered to work in Papua New Guinea and rejected the offer. That's all I want to share for today about offshore in Malaysia.


  1. Next week i'll have another trip to offshore by boat. With this monsoon season right now, wishing everything will be ok..


  2. best nye awak.. ada kekosongan tak kt tempat awak tur?

  3. hahahahah offshore sgt lah..wei like aku nya blog pulak ada followwer lagi tue...huhuh...



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