Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My colleague at top oil and gas companies Baker Hughes and Schlumberger

My posting today is a bit about how an engineer's life at Baker Hughes. I got the information from one of my colleagues who is now working at Baker Hughes, one of top oil and gas companies in Malaysia.

His salary is RM2,500 per month plus allowances and overtime. But he worked around 18 hours a day.  I asked him how is he doing, whether he love working there. He said yes but when I asked about vacancies in the company, he told me that recently there were already two workers resigned from there because of pressure. Now you can see how hard it is to work there and it also applies to the other top oil and gas companies such as Schlumberger and Weatherford. Although, the salary is very good. The overtime pay is RM 15 per hour and sometimes, he  worked  8am to 10pm and start back at 8am the next day. If you want to read further about Weatherford, you can read my post here.

2 of my colleagues are currently working at Schlumberger was the award winner of 'Anugerah Diraja'. Schlumberger really looking for the best graduate produced by the university. If you apply for Schlumberger, you must compete with those genius, top and high quality students from well known local and overseas universities. Works in Baker Hughes or other oil and gas companies are not for faint heart. haha. When he told me that there are already people who cannot withstand the pressure working there, my desire to apply for the vacancies vanished in an instant haha....

So, for fresh graduates  who read this post and want to work with Baker Hughes, Schlumberger and other top oil and gas companies, my advice to you is you must have good spirit and big ambition and I think you will not have problem if you posses both attributes.


  1. ahah. Met liew/leon at the slb labuan base.I think u r talking abt him right..

  2. of course...by the way I'm trying hard to improve this blog in Google ranking

  3. For ur information not only just campany that u said it. It's also apply for sub company for example "JABIL". I already can able to stay work at this company only for 8 month because too pressure until want to break have only a few time. However many knowledge i get from this company.



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