Friday, 21 October 2011

How to get 300+ visitors in 15 minutes..(Revealed)

Sorry to say if my post title is too catchy and you must be wondering how you can accomplish such huge amount of traffic in 15 minutes. It is impossible!! The reason for that catchy post title is just to attract your attention. But what I want to share here is about a huge list of high page rank, do follow link forums that you may join and get better search engine ranking position (SERP).

For newbies who do not know what are the use of page rank and what does it mean by do follow link, I will explain it briefly here. In simple words, Google will rank higher for the same keywords of high page rank websites. No follow links will give us traffic from visitors who click the link that we posted but they do not count in Google algorithm. Meanwhile, do follow links will be included in calculation of search engine ranking of websites. My words are easy to understand right?

So, join the forums below and get higher page rank by posting your websites link alongside your signature.. :)

About the massive amount of traffic/visitors in 15 minutes, it will come later as your Google ranking becomes better. I am not lying...haha


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