Thursday, 25 April 2013

How to Pass Schlumberger Interview - Questions, Tips and Tricks.

Have you ever been to oil and gas interview, especially malaysian? I bet that my websites visitors are those looking for schlumberger interview tips and experience instead of those who are looking for how to get an interview with schlumbeger. Here, i prepared some info regarding the interview since i also have little experience on the event. My previous post on weatherford interview ranked quite well in google, so it encourages me to write more on oil and gas interview to provide a glimpse of what you will face during the interview session and prepare your best for the moment.

Actually i have never been to schlumberger interview before, but i have been in the same session of the interview with schlumberger. This happen way back on 2011 when i just finish my first degree. I was invited for an interview in weatherford but the interview session happened to be at the same place and time as the schlumberger interview. The venue is at crown plaza mutiara hotel in Kuala Lumpur on 8 am. The weatherford interview session was not totally the same as schlumberger interview, but both of them might be somehow similar to each other. As you all know, oil and gas interviews are in a few stages. This post is about  the first stage of the interview. During my interview session, i had lunch at the same place as the schlumberger interviewees. So here isa quick review on what  activities schlumberger interview might conduct.

There will be a talk from experienced offshore engineers, group activities,group presentation, session with the human resources, one on one interview session with senior engineers and etc.The interview session took one whole day so that far away interviewees will be satisfied with the interview. I met graduate even from sabah sarawak who were able to come for a chance of joining weatherford.

What i have gone through during the group activities session with weatherford is  tower construction from straws and tape. Team with the highest tower wins. So you need to consider the strength, structure and durability of the towers in order to do the task. But dont underestimate the other interviewees. During the competetition, most of the groups able to construct the tower until it reaches ceiling. Besides, the real objective of the activity is to show your teamworking ability. They will observe your behavior and attitude as well as how you contribute in the discussion in solving problems, in this case tower construction. Make sure you able to show that you can help your team members professionally.

The talk with the engineers is quite interesting. You learn a lot of great stories from those who have been in the field for around 20 years and already successful in the area of engineering. I think the reason for the talk is  to make you more interested in the company. I heard a lot about good things weatherford has to offer to his employee. In short, they provide good career path. You may chose wether to work off or on shore asan employee. I do not know wether it is just a bluff or not since oil and agas companies tend to put freshies offshore to gain experience for their first couple of years.  For worst case scenario, you will be stranded offshore until your fourties.

During the group presentation, those who can present confidently with good english  literacy have higher chances to be chosen. Usually you must be fluent in english  to perform well. Make sure you prepare for that.Another aspect is the session with human resources. Be gentle and make friends with them to make sure they know you. Ask them questions so that they will remember your face. Dont feel shy to ask questions with them. Ask as many as you can to show that you are really interested in joining the company and dont have any second thought if chosen.

The final session and by far the most important of them all is the one on one interview with senior engineer from the company. Most of the questions that they asked me usually related to my attitude wether i am a tough person or not.

In conclusion, you need to know some tips and tricks to ensure your success with schlumberger interview. Feel free to share your comment and experience here if you are already selected and help people find my blog from the search engine. Good luck with you rinterview.

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