Friday, 26 October 2012

5 Blogging Secrets for Continuous Traffic Posts

I named this post as 5 blogging secrets for continuous traffic for a couple of reasons. I keep on finding same lame blogging secrets on the web that are not really helpful and i am quite sure most newbies will come through those tips several times even during their first day in blogging. What are those lame secrets? Build traffic using seo and etc. that i have found on multiple sites. But i cannot assure you that my tips are the best and can guarantee you success, but i am pretty sure they are  just worth your while reading them.

1. Write longer posts
I can say that this is one of the most important tips that i can advise you with to have continuous traffic. Longer articles are stressfull to produce and give you very good outcome in the future. In 2 years time or more, your short articles will be lost and blend in with articles from other bloggers. Means, people can hardly find your short articles on google in the future. I have read somewhere on the web that most of the traffics of top blogs come from posts a few years back and they still provide good daily traffic, around 10 to 20 daily visitors. Invest your time on longer articles rather than short ones. Besides, longer articles are precious in the eyes of search engines and have higher tendencies to be ranked high in search results.

2. Keep on posting.
I must say that I spent more time writing articles than promoting like other bloggers did for their daily routine. I just believe that creating powerful and useful content is much more important than generating traffic by posting on other blogs, backlinking and so on. Besides, i enjoy writing blog post than commenting on other people blogs. I learnt a lot in the past few months that if we have around 10 good, unique, killer and quite long articles can bring much more continuous traffic from organic search which will contribute to 70% of adsense clicks (if you do adsense) according to many pro bloggers out there. 2000 words article is enough to declare it as long and you can start writing it now! Make a better use of the technology (write using your droid during your free time! that is how I write long blog posts)

3. Catchy blog title.
When you focus on writing as your strategy, you will need a good and somewhat catchy blog title to assist your posts receiving massive traffic. How many of you think that you will click on your own blog title before reading its contents. Remember that your visitors wont read your content unless they are curious about the contents. Catchy blog title is a powerful tool. Lets say your common blog title is "How to get adsense traffic easily". I will use

"3 easy steps to get 1000 visitors daily"
"10 steps you must do..."
"How i make $50 per hour using...."

Remember to use numbers in your blog titles to make it interesting and build your readers curiosity to read more from you.

4. Blend two or more niches and keywords
Besides, blend two or more niches is also wise. As for this post, those niches are "blogging secrets" and "continuous traffic". You will have less competition as well as chances that your post will appear in both niches. You can also attract your readers and the ideas will usually be fresh. Use your own creativity.

5. Write to help
Show your readers that you want to help them, solve their problem, guide them etc. People will crave to read more from you. Make you blog posts worth their while. Put a lot of good information and advise. Guide them sincerely. Write as if you are writing to your own grandchildren for the next 20 years (if you are writing about self improvement etc.). Address them as 'you'. Share your own experience.

Those blogging secrets for continuous traffic posts take a while to show some results. It may take 2 years or more. But those secrets will bring you satisfaction in blogging and make blogging more enjoyable. Try to write 100 articles using my blogging secrets. I can assure you that you will receive 100 or more continuous daily traffic from search engines in 2 years time.

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