Friday, 26 August 2011

Making passive income with engineering knowledge?

Am I going to be an engineer that generates passive income by making a software/program with some royalty paid for it? Or in other words, a computer programmer that makes passive income with his own engineering knowledge? Will that dream comes true?

The reason I want to post about this topic is that last week, my lecturer told me that there is a chance that my masters project is going to be copyrighted. My project is about a numerical prediction of harmful particles distribution around a factory. I will use Matlab for the program. Currently, companies in Malaysia do not have their own software to evaluate the pollution level around their workplace especially when there is residential area situated near the factory. If they want to buy it from international companies, it is costly and Malaysia will always be behind from the first  world countries. If my masters project is a success which means my program runs well and the result is acceptable compared to the measurement device (very expensive and not practical to do repetitive measurements), then my lecturer hope that the program will be used for all local companies. That sounds good to me, maybe I can get some royalty from that and have my own passive income (besides adsense hehe)...huh...I hope so...Currently, the program is half completed and I only need to improve the code to make it user friendly (in engineering it is called Graphic User Interface).

I hope the dream will come true because I love making passive income as it will brings me money even when I am not working anymore..Lastly, I can also share and make full use of my engineering knowledge for human goods especially for industries in Malaysia.

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