Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Untold, Important and very Easy tips for traffic

For this post I want to tell you about important and easy tips for adsense new bloggers especially in getting traffic during initial stage of blogging.
  1. Search Google or any search engines, type your blog keywords there. For example, your blog is about adsense tips, search for it. Then, on the first page of the results, visit the popular blogs and forums of your niche and post something there. Keep in mind that be HELPFUL in your post. Do not always ask questions. Visitors of the popular blogs and forums will read the helpful ones and if he/she feel the posts are unique, he/she will surely click your backlinks that you attached as signature or your blog url.
  2. Make popular blogs or sites in your niche your idol. Take a look at popular sites and blogs and set a target to be like  those sites. What I mean here is, design your sites to make it looks professional.
  3. Popular sites always have its own logo. Make a logo for your sites to make it more convincing and impressed readers apart from posting good contents.
  4. BACKLINKS. 5 years ago Google uses meta tags to identify the sites contents. Google algorithm has been modified because of the meta tags abuse and nowadays Google ranked sites by 2 methods. Firstly, your site content. Secondly, how much your site is linked to other good websites ( ie: high Google page rank) with the same niche. Posting to related niche sites, blogs and forums is good for Google rankings.

      Here are some tips for new bloggers to get targetted traffic. If I think of other tips for adsense, I will surely keep you updated.

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