Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Weatherford International Interview

Hi there, a few weeks back when I was about to attend an interview session with Weatherford International (Malaysia) on July 2011, I searched hints for the interview. As I searched through Google with keywords 'Weatherford interview' I hardly found related information about it. There were about 2-3 posts on forums. So I feel that by this posting will bring more traffics from keywords Weatherford International Interview.

Actually I am not selected for the Graduate Development Program as a result of the interview but sharing is good in blogging.

The interview starts on 8 o'clock in Crown Plaza Hotel Kuala Lumpur. There were a few activities conducted such as an overview talk by the HR, tower building competition (with starws and tapes), 1 on 1 interview, group discussions and 5 minutes presentations on 'promoting outsiders to join weatherford' etc.

During the 1 on 1 interview there were a couple of tricky questions that tested your mind. One of them is 'Let say your leader shorten your project duration to 2 hours although by safety reasons, it can only be completed in 3 hours, will you bypass the safety regulations?' You must have a good reasoning for your answer but I highly recommend you to stick with the safety regulations (although I mistakenly answered the opposite).

Another tips for the interview with weatherford international is show them that you are hardworking during your university level. Do not stop talking until they are satisfied with your answers. Put some technical knowledge when answering and be confident...That's all.. I think that I can do better if I am more prepared. Pity on me because I really anticipate to join the company when I know about the benefits and experiences that previous  students obtained and shared during a session with them.

If you want more tips on Weatherford interview, I suggest that you read more on tips on how to properly be interviewed. It will increase your success rate.


Good luck.


  1. Drop by here..Thanks for sharing it...:-)

  2. I hope this blog will bring me success, my aim is to earn something from adsense...peace

  3. just wondering..how did you apply for the program? thanks

  4. what is the benefit weatherford malaysia offered?
    just finished my 1st interview with them yesterday
    maybe you can gv me some feedback whatever info you have for this company
    email me pls. aizalatifi08@gmail.com

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  6. Hey, during the assessment day, how many people attend the program? I was selected for this program next week..

  7. If i am not mistaken around 32 candidates, and they will chose 15 to 16 of them.

  8. after the assessment day, if shortlisted, will there be another round of interview?



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