Thursday, 18 August 2011

Offshore Life?

During the weatherford interview, I asked a number of questions about offshore life to the engineers there...Have a look at the answers..

"Have you ever felt regret joining weatherford (I think that this also applies to other oil and gas companies)?". The application engineers answered a resoundingly NO! They said that they have a great time with the company, they travel and gain a lot of experience from the company. They said that even traveling to remote areas with no phone and internet coverage also brings enjoyment and job satisfaction to them...I don't know why they felt that way..maybe because they love to work on field with hands on experience. But most of them prefer to work in the office rather than on the field/well.

During the interview with a senior offshore mechanical engineer, I asked "do you love your life?", because I want to know more on social life rather than tedious technical questions that can be learned as we join oil and gas companies which most of the students like to asked during the session. He said that sometimes you will have plenty of time working onshore and sometimes you won't. You can spend time with family during that period. He also stated "family matters is not a big problem if you can manage your time well". He also said that there is time when he did not see land for 40 consecutive days when a rig is being placed to its place.

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