Friday, 19 August 2011

My latest adsense income (RM6.50)

My latest adsense income is RM6.50, I hope it will increase exponentially when this blog is indexed and ranked high by google..Currently, wangcyber is my main traffic source so the ads is not eye catching to my visitors. This post cannot be long because "latest adsense income" will affect the oil and gas niche/topic..

Since this post receives the most pageviews, I will post about my October latest adsense income.


  1. not too much click...$2 to $5 in 2 months!!!
    I think there is something wrong with my techniques... :)

  2. Congrate Bro..keep it up..try to increase your blog traffic and maintain CTR ratio around 2%.

    If can't achieve that, you can edit your ads placement.

    Good Luck..

  3. macam mna nak letak google ads.. dalam blog bhs melayu..tolong ajarkan



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