Saturday, 20 August 2011

RM 1000 net profit per day running a McDonalds ice cream booth at Alamanda (true story)

I was informed by one of my lecturers that a McDonalds ice cream booth at Alamanda Putrajaya Mall, Malaysia has a net profit of RM1000++ per day.

My lecturer's daughter worked at the booth. He said that such income comes from around 1000-2000 people who buy only RM1 McD ice cream (Sundae cup) starting from 8am to 5pm. But the RM30,000 monthly income is for the owner of the booth. That is the power of business. The owner does not need to have high qualification on engineering or sciences but he can make profit much more better than people who is smarter than him haha..What it needs are some political power to influence McDonalds to hand over the franchise business to him and thousands of dollars for initial setup of the booth...

I wish that I could open my own business someday and earn profits such as the Alamanda McDonalds owner..

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