Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My Adsense Income for October (around 30-40 daily pageviews)

It has been 2 months since I blog seriously. But most of the time, I did not write articles for new posts but promote this blog in forums especially Wangcyber, Carigold and Lowyat. But the result is quite pleasing. I ranked first in Google for keywords "pengalaman offshore" and "weatherford interview tips" , and currently awarded with Page Rank 2 by Google. But the search volume is not very high, around 10-20 searches per months according to Google keyword tool and receives around 30-40 daily pageviews . From this blog, I learned how the process of ranking in Google and hopefully I will use it as guide for my future.

My latest Adsense income is $5.06. It is really a challenge to blog something that is not very popular. But I see an improvement on my adsense project since I earned $1.78 this month so far. It improves from $1.49 the previous month (October). Although, most of the traffics comes from passive promotion (forum posting). Only 6 traffics comes from The daily pageviews is around 30-40. I will not stop here and will always try to earn more from adsense.

For the past few months, I learned a few important tips for adsense. There are:
  1. Keep commenting on other blogs and always leave your url although the blog you visit is not from your niche.
  2. Choose a popular forum and be active. It works really well.
  3. Try to write longer articles rather than short articles with more frequent posts.
  4. Write as if you are writing to "human" not for the search engine. People will be more interested to read your article.
  5. For easy SEO, use your title keywords at the introduction and conclusion paragraphs.
Be reminded to try not to be spammy. My target for this blog for the upcoming months is to blog everything about offshore, oil and gas, jobs and others. I will not be very focus on "weatherford interview" which is my earlier keyword target for this blog. That is mainly because the monthly searches is very low. I will make this blog more general about the oil and gas niche. And this is my problem, I try to write longer article and always stop when there is no idea. See you later and keep visiting for next months report on daily pageviews and latest adsense income.

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