Monday, 28 November 2011

My Online Income

Hey guys, as i searched with google keyword tools, I found keywords which has quite high monthly searches (approximately 5400 global monthly searches) with relatively low competition. That keywords is none other than this post title which is "My Online Income". Actually, most of the searches are about a money system called my online income which I assumed to be a scam as I scrolled down the first page of google. So I decided to drive more traffic with this keywords. 

This post will be focusing on my online income with adsense. If you are looking for the scammed money system described above, you better look for other websites that is much more related. A few months back, I have been posting about my adsense income which receives quite amount of traffics but they did not come from organic searches. It came from my forum signature in Wangcyber. About a few days ago, I posted about my adsense income in october and the post also receives decent amount of traffic. Focusing on the keywords is not a bad idea..hehe. If I aim for the first page of google, I estimate to get about 1000 organic/free traffic from google for keywords "my online income" and I don't need to keep promoting my blog every single day.

As I mentioned in my earlier post about what I have learned since I started this blog, I need to write a long post for this kind of title. After that, I need 3-4 posts related to this niche on this blog. And last but not least, I need some backlinks which I will explain to you later on. This 3 simple tips are the secret of most SEO companies who claimed that they can increase the search engine ranking position (SERP) of your website for keywords that you want to target. In this blog, there will be no secret between us all as I will share everything clearly.

About the backlinks, I will show you the techniques that I have been using to get easy high page rank backlinks which I will discuss in the next post. I just want to make the posts on this blog a bit longer so  that I can even gain traffic from keywords or phrases that are not expected. That is what many top webmasters have been doing to get easy traffic from google. I will be posting more on my online earnings with adsense every months to show the effectiveness of techniques that I learned from day to day.

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