Tuesday, 16 August 2011

4 years experience in making money online in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM Skudai)

Hi there, the purpose of creating this blog is to share my personal life experience. Besides, I want to improve my english by blogging. Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am a fresh graduate in Mechanical Engineering from UTM Skudai Johor. Currently I am not employed that is why I take this chance to start my own blog and hopefully I can make money from it...pray for me guys...

So, why I chose the title for this post as above? That is because I want to share what I have learned through a few money making programs that I have joined and unfortunately I failed to make a good fortune in them. There are GDI (global domain international) (www.explodegdi.ws/utama.html), Ceramic Business Club (www.jutawanceramic.com), Google Adsense (http://www.cubaanjutawan.blogspot.com).

Frankly speaking, you must be wondering how much I earned from those programs. Let me be clear, for Global Domain International (GDI), I earned $2.00 for 3 months of joining, RM50 for Ceramic Business Club and roughly about $1.16 in Google Adsense.

So, right now I am back with Adsense because I sensed that there is a niche that is not fully used by Malaysian blogger which is 'Pengalaman jurutera, fresh graduate, pengalaman oil and gas...' and so on. That is why I believe that I can make something from this opportunity.

Hopefully it will benefit all of you...


  1. a good try indeed my friend.

    Blogging is not just about 'finding the right keywords', it's all about reputation.

    I'm not a serious blogger myself although I do have my own blog, my point is, you need some 'big reputation' to turn your humble blog into some kind of lucrative steady income. to do so, u need to work hard bro. anyway, good luck.

  2. Thank you bro for the advice but
    'why so serious' -joker-



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