Saturday, 10 December 2011

700$ for First Month with Adsense

Actually, the income cash are not mine. I found them on forums and I quoted because I thought it would be interesting to share with the readers. For me, its just too hard for this bog to earn some hundred dollars for first month with adsense.

I envy them as I could not earn that much for the first month. However, most of them already have high traffic website and it is the key to success in Google Adsense. They just need to optimize the ads by maintaining the clickthrough ratio. For blogs such as this, I need to keep promoting url and generate backlinks to see the results. But its a hard work in adsense. Those who said 'easy earning with adsense' are lying to you. Of course there are a few untold ways that can make you money with this program that I have not yet found the real proven blackhat way for Adsense. If I found it elsewhere on the internet, I will surely share them with you guys. Keep visiting for more cool stuffs from me.

" It was awfully late at night when I posted that. Let me give you a better overview of how I do it.

I build out 4000 words for a main article and 1000-1500 for 4-7 more articles. I plan my entire site out before I launch and make the 20 articles total. I use a silo structure. I use CTR theme. I have 5 unique articles for web 2.0s made and spun. I also have 2 press releases written. I buy a aged domain from go daddy auctions. I buy the domain for my page. Usually Keyword with something short added like Now or Here or Best. I then set up the page with the
first 5 articles and add 2-3 a week. I 301 the aged domain to my new one. I start with some press releases and social bookmarks, set up RSS Feeds. Do a couple paid press releases and set up 5-10 web 2.0s. I blast those 2.0s with xrumer and scrape box. So I use a launch method with my sites in a sense. I then continue to build links on a regular basis. anyways, hope that helps some people out. like I said it was late when I posted that. I read it today and thought to myself wow I sounded like an ass.

btw, $700 is awesome for your
first go man, GL and keep up the hard work and you can make much more."

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Offshore in Malaysia | pictures

Hello everyone, today's post is about working offshore in Malaysia. I am just sharing my colleague photos who is now working in the oil and gas industry. So, have a look on a bit of pictures about working offshore in malaysia.

Pictures below show a glimpse of what you will see while working offshore in malaysia. I took the pics from one of my colleagues who currently working with Petra Energy and has been working on platform for a few times. He worked on Platform BOP-A dgb BODP-A at Bokor as a trainee. When you apply to work offshore, there will be no chance for a fresh graduate to directly apply as a mechanical engineer etc. You will be ordered to work as a technician as you have no experience in the oil and gas field. Your knowledge in engineering that you learned in university level is not the same and only a few of them can be practiced on the platform. It is all about your experience when it comes to the oil and gas industry.

Platform BOP-A dgb BODP-A at Bokor, Terengganu, Malaysia.

 As you all know, they uses boat or helicopter to go to the platform.
It looks quite peaceful when looking at sun setting in the sky from the vast sea. I envy him to have that kind of wonderful experience.
My friend is on the right. Hopefully, you will be inspired to work offshore when looking at these pictures. One of my friends who worked with Baker Hughes for about one year has already resigned. The working experience is good and interesting but he resigned just because he do not prefer to travel overseas. He was offered to work in Papua New Guinea and rejected the offer. That's all I want to share for today about offshore in Malaysia.


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