Friday, 26 August 2011

Making passive income with engineering knowledge?

Am I going to be an engineer that generates passive income by making a software/program with some royalty paid for it? Or in other words, a computer programmer that makes passive income with his own engineering knowledge? Will that dream comes true?

The reason I want to post about this topic is that last week, my lecturer told me that there is a chance that my masters project is going to be copyrighted. My project is about a numerical prediction of harmful particles distribution around a factory. I will use Matlab for the program. Currently, companies in Malaysia do not have their own software to evaluate the pollution level around their workplace especially when there is residential area situated near the factory. If they want to buy it from international companies, it is costly and Malaysia will always be behind from the first  world countries. If my masters project is a success which means my program runs well and the result is acceptable compared to the measurement device (very expensive and not practical to do repetitive measurements), then my lecturer hope that the program will be used for all local companies. That sounds good to me, maybe I can get some royalty from that and have my own passive income (besides adsense hehe)...huh...I hope so...Currently, the program is half completed and I only need to improve the code to make it user friendly (in engineering it is called Graphic User Interface).

I hope the dream will come true because I love making passive income as it will brings me money even when I am not working anymore..Lastly, I can also share and make full use of my engineering knowledge for human goods especially for industries in Malaysia.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Untold, Important and very Easy tips for traffic

For this post I want to tell you about important and easy tips for adsense new bloggers especially in getting traffic during initial stage of blogging.
  1. Search Google or any search engines, type your blog keywords there. For example, your blog is about adsense tips, search for it. Then, on the first page of the results, visit the popular blogs and forums of your niche and post something there. Keep in mind that be HELPFUL in your post. Do not always ask questions. Visitors of the popular blogs and forums will read the helpful ones and if he/she feel the posts are unique, he/she will surely click your backlinks that you attached as signature or your blog url.
  2. Make popular blogs or sites in your niche your idol. Take a look at popular sites and blogs and set a target to be like  those sites. What I mean here is, design your sites to make it looks professional.
  3. Popular sites always have its own logo. Make a logo for your sites to make it more convincing and impressed readers apart from posting good contents.
  4. BACKLINKS. 5 years ago Google uses meta tags to identify the sites contents. Google algorithm has been modified because of the meta tags abuse and nowadays Google ranked sites by 2 methods. Firstly, your site content. Secondly, how much your site is linked to other good websites ( ie: high Google page rank) with the same niche. Posting to related niche sites, blogs and forums is good for Google rankings.

      Here are some tips for new bloggers to get targetted traffic. If I think of other tips for adsense, I will surely keep you updated.

      Sunday, 21 August 2011

      Improve your english and get Band 6 MUET by blogging

      Blogging seriously improves my english...If you have not taking MUET yet..strive for Band 6 by blogging in english...

      I learned this fact when I observed my acquaintances have very good english proficiency and hthey have their on english blogs. We can speak really well and might be able to crack a joke in english by blogging..but simple and a quite stupid joke if you try to translate it into malay. My point is in fact that we as a malay will not speaks english in our daily life with people around us, but by blogging in english we can practice it ourselves. The best way to learn english is to speak, followed by writing, then hearing (movies etc.) and lastly reading...Last but not least, if our english is at the level of 'Mat Salleh' , maybe we may also dream in english. lol..

      What are you waiting for? Setup a blog such as me and put some google ads (for money and blogging satisfaction) and see how your english is improved from time to time....

      Saturday, 20 August 2011

      RM 1000 net profit per day running a McDonalds ice cream booth at Alamanda (true story)

      I was informed by one of my lecturers that a McDonalds ice cream booth at Alamanda Putrajaya Mall, Malaysia has a net profit of RM1000++ per day.

      My lecturer's daughter worked at the booth. He said that such income comes from around 1000-2000 people who buy only RM1 McD ice cream (Sundae cup) starting from 8am to 5pm. But the RM30,000 monthly income is for the owner of the booth. That is the power of business. The owner does not need to have high qualification on engineering or sciences but he can make profit much more better than people who is smarter than him haha..What it needs are some political power to influence McDonalds to hand over the franchise business to him and thousands of dollars for initial setup of the booth...

      I wish that I could open my own business someday and earn profits such as the Alamanda McDonalds owner..

      Friday, 19 August 2011

      My latest adsense income (RM6.50)

      My latest adsense income is RM6.50, I hope it will increase exponentially when this blog is indexed and ranked high by google..Currently, wangcyber is my main traffic source so the ads is not eye catching to my visitors. This post cannot be long because "latest adsense income" will affect the oil and gas niche/topic..

      Since this post receives the most pageviews, I will post about my October latest adsense income.

      Thursday, 18 August 2011

      Offshore Life?

      During the weatherford interview, I asked a number of questions about offshore life to the engineers there...Have a look at the answers..

      "Have you ever felt regret joining weatherford (I think that this also applies to other oil and gas companies)?". The application engineers answered a resoundingly NO! They said that they have a great time with the company, they travel and gain a lot of experience from the company. They said that even traveling to remote areas with no phone and internet coverage also brings enjoyment and job satisfaction to them...I don't know why they felt that way..maybe because they love to work on field with hands on experience. But most of them prefer to work in the office rather than on the field/well.

      During the interview with a senior offshore mechanical engineer, I asked "do you love your life?", because I want to know more on social life rather than tedious technical questions that can be learned as we join oil and gas companies which most of the students like to asked during the session. He said that sometimes you will have plenty of time working onshore and sometimes you won't. You can spend time with family during that period. He also stated "family matters is not a big problem if you can manage your time well". He also said that there is time when he did not see land for 40 consecutive days when a rig is being placed to its place.

      This post is quiet SEO friendly right??...Regards

      Tuesday, 16 August 2011

      Weatherford International Interview

      Hi there, a few weeks back when I was about to attend an interview session with Weatherford International (Malaysia) on July 2011, I searched hints for the interview. As I searched through Google with keywords 'Weatherford interview' I hardly found related information about it. There were about 2-3 posts on forums. So I feel that by this posting will bring more traffics from keywords Weatherford International Interview.

      Actually I am not selected for the Graduate Development Program as a result of the interview but sharing is good in blogging.

      The interview starts on 8 o'clock in Crown Plaza Hotel Kuala Lumpur. There were a few activities conducted such as an overview talk by the HR, tower building competition (with starws and tapes), 1 on 1 interview, group discussions and 5 minutes presentations on 'promoting outsiders to join weatherford' etc.

      During the 1 on 1 interview there were a couple of tricky questions that tested your mind. One of them is 'Let say your leader shorten your project duration to 2 hours although by safety reasons, it can only be completed in 3 hours, will you bypass the safety regulations?' You must have a good reasoning for your answer but I highly recommend you to stick with the safety regulations (although I mistakenly answered the opposite).

      Another tips for the interview with weatherford international is show them that you are hardworking during your university level. Do not stop talking until they are satisfied with your answers. Put some technical knowledge when answering and be confident...That's all.. I think that I can do better if I am more prepared. Pity on me because I really anticipate to join the company when I know about the benefits and experiences that previous  students obtained and shared during a session with them.

      Good luck.

      4 years experience in making money online in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM Skudai)

      Hi there, the purpose of creating this blog is to share my personal life experience. Besides, I want to improve my english by blogging. Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am a fresh graduate in Mechanical Engineering from UTM Skudai Johor. Currently I am not employed that is why I take this chance to start my own blog and hopefully I can make money from it...pray for me guys...

      So, why I chose the title for this post as above? That is because I want to share what I have learned through a few money making programs that I have joined and unfortunately I failed to make a good fortune in them. There are GDI (global domain international) (, Ceramic Business Club (, Google Adsense (

      Frankly speaking, you must be wondering how much I earned from those programs. Let me be clear, for Global Domain International (GDI), I earned $2.00 for 3 months of joining, RM50 for Ceramic Business Club and roughly about $1.16 in Google Adsense.

      So, right now I am back with Adsense because I sensed that there is a niche that is not fully used by Malaysian blogger which is 'Pengalaman jurutera, fresh graduate, pengalaman oil and gas...' and so on. That is why I believe that I can make something from this opportunity.

      Hopefully it will benefit all of you...


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